Friday, October 31, 2008

Under the Tuscan Pun

On Wednesday my group and I spend four hours editing the methodology section of our research paper. It would have taken half the time if we did not log onto Facebook every single time we reached a point of indecision. It would have taken a quarter of the time if I did not have to change everyone's "I's" and "our's" into passive voice.

And during this group editing session, I suggest that room smells a lot like blueberry muffins and that somebody should bring food next time. And five seconds later, I realize how gay that just sounded.

And during this group editing session, one of my colleagues tells me I have a "way with words." This is the third time in my entire life that I have heard somebody say this to me. I know because every time it happens, I carve a mark three inches above my left (your right) nipple to keep tally. So upon hearing this, I am extremely tempted to drop everything and take up a career as a novelist in the Tuscan hills. I can get Polish immigrants to renovate my house. I can fall in love with an Italian man who is completely uninterested in a long-term relationship.
I can be BFFs with Sandra Oh.

And I will continue blogging, albeit in Italian: a language that I manage to pick up 3 months 15 days 4 hours and 24 seconds. And as I type up a post about how my life still sucks on my HP special edition laptop in ceramic white, I'll sip on some wine to go with the whine.

But I could never write novels because I can't write anything longer than 500 words in length. So that's that.

Figure 1: And I imagine my days would go something like this. With the Barilla Man. Who is perfect because he loves children and al dente spaghetti.

And the meeting probably would have been shorter if I hadn't been thinking about this.


Shane said...

You have a way with words.

dickophile said...

you have a way with words! i say this cause i find the thought of you carving it above your nipple amusing. does that make me a sadist? oh and can i come with you to tuscany? i want a hot italian boyfriend too. and can we get cristina to bring mcsteamy with her?

Oldyeller said...

Molto buono il mio amico, lei ha una maniera con le parole!

Oldyeller said...

That was supposed to translate into "Very good my friend, you have a way with words" but I think (not knowing any Italiano) that it actually says "Very swell bond paper, she has a way with nipples" or something like that.

David said...

you are ridiculous and i love it.

i think Barilla man himself is "perfecto"... mmmmmm italian men :)

Xico de Cadoro said...

you have an adorable way with words...which makes your blog a pleasant and interesting place to spend time, thank you.

kisses from Xico

hornier dickophile said...

intestinal gas? why blue-berry muffins?

naturgesetz said...

Si, perfetto.