Monday, October 6, 2008

God's Testament

And I thought I could attribute the recent increase in hits to having an interesting life, or you know, mastering the English language. But sadly, neither are true. After some intense investigation, it turns out that Matt at Debriefing the Boys linked me. I won't say he recommended me because I'm not sure that was his intention. Judging from the things he said, I can't tell if he is praising me or insulting me. Or perhaps he is doing both. Apparently, I am very real and very honest. But that only reveals that I am insecure, disliked, tiny-dicked, and altogether uncool. Actually guys, I try really hard to make myself seem incredibly cool. I guess it's just. not. working. But it's ok whatever Matt's intentions were because getting mentioned by a guy like Matt on a blog like his is kind of like getting a shoutout from God in the footnotes of the Bible.

And I am almost sorry if you are tired of me constantly addressing my insecurities on this blog. (Almost. Because you only have to read about it, whereas I have to live it.) But if you want to read about a person who thinks they are better than they really are, go read about ___ at ____________. He does this very well.

And no, I am not talking about you. This person does not read my blog. And that is part of the reason I insulted him, probably.

And also, don't you guys think it's so funny how I have to go through such indirect measures to find out who is linking me? That is, going to the Oracle at Adelphi, using an Ouija board, and looking up the last 20 referrals to my blog. The same thing happened with LP. God, I miss him so much.


David said...


I read his entry and was on my way to your blog to inform you of it but you already discovered this miraculous occasion xD


DL said...

Man, I miss LP too.
And don't worry, I think you're cool. Or else I wouldn't be commenting on your blog within an hour of you posting it... Well, actually that probably just makes me kind of stalkerish.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm one of those readers who had never stumbled across your blog before seeing the link that Matt posted on his.

I don't think you quite understood what Matt was trying to say. I won't be presumptious enough to try to interpret for him, but I will say that what caused ME to click on the link was this:

There is a lot out there that is fake, both in the gay world and in life in general. We want to candy-coat everything; we want everything to seem larger, sexier, more amazing than it really is. It takes a *stronger* man to be real and to be honest; to be real with himself, to be real with the people in his life, to be real in his writing, and to seek out that which is real in the writings and lives of others. I think we are the better for it, and we can definitely learn from and be strengthened by one another.

I'm sorry I haven't yet had the time to read much of what you've posted, but I definitely will. From what I understood Matt to say, I'm expecting that what is here for me to read will be real and honest. And I expect that I will learn something from it. And I can't wait!

Be real, be strong,
Detroit, MI

Superdrewby said...

well at least there s someone as affected as LP to read every morning over my coffee!

Aek said...

Aww, I wish more people would mention my blog. XD

I would say "Cheer up" but 1: that doesn't do anything, and 2: it'd destroy the integrity of the tone of your blog, lol.

Anywho, hmm, I think that was it.

dickophile said...

lp was my hero. what will we do j? what will we do?

Toby said...

I don't think you come across as trying to be cool. I think you come across as sincere - and perhaps a little innocent.

Anonymous said...

I followed the link from Matt's blog and I really enjoy reading your blog. I've already went through the archives and look forward to your new posts. Thanks for blogging.

Joseph said...

You failed your driving test twice? Yikes! How did you do that?

j said...

david: miraculous is the word for sure.

dl: that is extremely flattering.

anon: those are some very kind words. .. but don't get your hopes up with this blog.

super: uhm. i don't post that often.

aek: i am as surprised as you are buddy.

dickophile: i have already crawled into a hole to die. i suggest you find one too.

toby: why did i get a tingly feeling in my spine when you said innocent.

anon: you're welcome

joseph: bad luck.

michael01 said...

LP will be blogging sporadically--like most bloggers do anyway. There's a new one up now.