Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Lied

And I know I promised that I wouldn't talk about politics on this blog, but that was kind of a lie just like everything else on this blog. So last night was the second presidential debate and I missed it because everyone in the hall is a raging democrat (without really knowing why they are). And it's not really fun watching a debate with people who come in with their minds decided already. People who are completely unwilling to listen to anything that challenges the beliefs that MTV told them to have. And really, the only argument most of them can muster up is that McCain/Palin are ugly/stupid respectively (as opposed to respectfully). So while the democrats bitch and moan about how all republicans must be stupid, they seem to have the hardest time figuring out how anybody could believe anything other than what they believe. And that's pretty stupid too.

And I'd rather not get involved.

And club tennis was that night anyway.


The Blackout Blog said...

I didn't tune in either. My mind's already made up, and their stances on the major issues can be found online anyway. Not to mention clips that will be posted all over facebook.

Plus the season Finale of Making the Band 4 (season 3) was on. Peace out, Aubrey.

Oldyeller said...

For someone who doesn't want to be unique (mohawk, somewhere betwixt straight & gay, and now expressed sympathies toward republicans), you're failing miserably. Altough I am a rare person who sympathizes with your sympathies, I must warn you that homoville will not be happy with this post.

j said...

blackout: we have our priorities straight

oldyeller: i am strengthening the fortress walls as we speak

Aek said...

I didn't watch it either. Then again, I had an exam today and was studying at the library.

.Gash said...

I don't think all of our partners in pink instantly scream blind war at Mccain/Palin. But then I live in England and havn't really experienced it first hand. All I know is that over here the people opposing them seem to have a better argument than those supporting them.

I think obviously howmosexuality by definition is more of a liberal concept than a conservative one and so naturally gays will flock that way whether they fully understand politics or not. Over here a liberal view on sexuality is seen as progressive- and certainly moving things in the right direction and so in regards to the fundamental freedom of sexuality the Democrats will always seem more appealing.

On the subject of Palin- all i've really heard in reasoning in the 'omo supportive camp is "she's hot" or "it's cool that she is a woman". And I guess gays always have been suckers for powerful women. Haha.

Random Thinker said...

I watched and was disappointed. It's like watching a close football game and each team is either playing prevent defense or trying to run the clock out...

4 weeks, hopefully it will be decided.

dickophile said...

i refuse to get into politics. so instead ill ask something i actually care about. how big is your dick?

j said...

aek: i sympathize

gash: all good points

thinker: wtf is football

dickophile: it's big enough