Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's kind of an unwritten rule that we can sit in any of the (expensive) box seats if the people that own them don't show up. So last night my friends and I sat in a box behind the perfect family. The mom was skinny and hot and she was extremely friendly (which is unusual for people who own box seats) and it was so touching to see her wiping the crumbs off her cute son's face. I'm a big fan of good parenting. This got me thinking about my own future family... once again. Since box seats come in 6, I'm thinking that I should have 3 children instead of the 5 I said before. That way, the entire family of five can sit in one box and there will be one seat left over to put my littlest son's box of fries and my husband's manpurse which I refuse to touch. Also, we will all be able to fit in a four door sedan and I won't have to drive a disgusting minivan.

It should be mentioned that one of the friends sitting with me that night was this extremely hot guy who is half white/half Asian. I swear, everything about him is perfect. He's got a great personality, gorgeous face, friendly smile, cute teenage muscles, and probably a giant cock because certain people just have everything. Anyway, his mom is the Asian contributor, which reaffirms my theory that halfies with Asian moms are generally more attractive than halfies with Asian dads. This kind of kills me on the inside because I desperately want to marry a white guy / marry Channing Tatum and have three gorgeous kids. But as an Asian dad, my kids might be ugly and I'm pretty sure Channing Tatum isn't a fan of the manpurse.

Figure 1: April Wilkner

Figure 2: Dennis O'Neil

Figure 3: Daniel Henney

All wasians with Asian moms!


David said...

hot, hot, and hot :D

maybe you can be the asian mom :P

Aek said...

Damn, Kristin Kreuk also has an Asian mom and non-Asian dad. So much for my counter-example.

My friend, you have just declared a challenge. I will find the exception to the rule. XD

Shane said...

One thing that I've noticed amongst my group of friends is that... the ones with Asian mothers tend to have brown eyes/dark coloured eyes, where as the ones with Asian fathers tend to have green/blue eyes.
Asians with blue/green eyes is delicious.. but they look so European.
Note also that it is much, much more rare to get an Asian Dad in the mix (as oppose to an Asian mother)...for obvious reasons.

bosteaparty said...

I just found your blog, J. I fuckin love it. Keep it up!!

RGB said...

I am a "wasian" with an Asian dad. And I think I am a attractive... Not to sound all narcissistic or anything, but I am actually kind of pretty. I think the looks all depend on how attractive the parents are. I know plenty of hot "wasians" with asians for fathers. Don't despair, if you are pretty your kids will be too!

Anonymous said...

yuu shirota
(spanish mom/jap dad)

Evan said...
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evanb said...

justin nozuka / george nozuka

white mom/asian dad

me: asian mom/french dad (I have darker features)

hmmm, so many observations, but still not factual. Genetics are a mysterious thing!

Anonymous said...

shane, what obvious reason is that?

Dan said...

People who are half one race and half another always seem to be the most attractive. I demand more interracial breeding.

Anonymous said...

The three articles I'm posting are all about the scientific studies done that suggest that mixed-race people are considered the most beautiful. The first one talks a lot about half-Asians.