Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I <3 Hillary

As I watch the Democratic Convention, I try to count how many Hillary posters are being held upside down. There were too many really, but what's important to know is that people who hold Hillary posters upside down hate America. If there is any justice in our nation, those people will be jettisoned into outer space with the 50 women or whatever.

As I continue watching, Hillary makes a shout out to gays... sort of... and I jump for joy on the inside as I lie on the couch, motionless and barely breathing. And it's great to see Hillary get such a warm reaction from the floor and receive some great praise from Tom Brokaw since she should've won the whole damn thing to begin with. But I have to admit that the speech didn't really do it for me. It was all kind of awkward, lying through her teeth to praise somebody that ruined her life. I know the feeling well, I don't know why I couldn't relate more. But she did what she had to do and it didn't make me hate Obama more. So mission accomplished I guess. The entire democratic party can take a collective breath and wait for the Republicans to fuck up in St. Paul.

Also, I would like to point out that as soon as Hillary was done and those two Asians came out to speak, Brian Williams goes, "K Goodnight!" So maybe someday there will be a woman president that loves gays. But there will never be an Asian president. But I'm pretty much ok with that.

Figure 1: John Mccain is hot.

Figure 2: Howard Dean is hot.

Figure 3: Ronald Reagan is hot.

Figure 4: John Kennedy Jr is hot.


Shane said...

You could be the first Asian president you know,reach for the stars.

David said...

ditto what shane said. i'd vote for you :)

hilary is amazing.

j said...

shane: don't forget gay. asian and gay.

david: isn't she? i wanted so badly for obama to pick her as vice president and then resign.

Random Thinker said...

I was disappointed when Hillary dropped out, but even more when she was only superficially considered for VP. I was remarkably impressed with her speech last nite, and felt validated for all the support I gave her.

Let me post this prediction... We will have a Clinton as president, we will have a female Clinton as president... Chelsea 2024!

Aek said...

Are you insinuating that Asians can't be hot too? In any case, no one is hot by the time they're old enough to run for president.

BUT, you could be the first. Asians have that "youthful for long time" gene. XD

j said...

thinker: chelsea? never.

aek: i think i'm missing that gene.

Lay said...

John Was soooo hot.