Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Bitch, Bro

Thursday afternoon, I go all they way to Capitol Hill for lunch in an effort to make lunch as big of a deal as possible. Capitol Hill is an area that has been completely gentrified in recent years and it's become quite pretentious. So I wear my yellow Ralph Lauren oxford shirt with my white Banana Republic chinos and I believe that is enough to disguise myself amongst the yuppies.

We end up going to Goodstuff Eatery despite the big crowd of tourists in hopes that the owner, Spike from Top Chef, is there. Initially, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't actually a sit down restaurant but more of an upscale fast food kind of place. I was even more annoyed that they were only letting two people in at a time and making everyone else stand in line outside; I almost got rained on! But all that melted away when Spike walked down the stairs and brushed against my arm on his way to the open kitchen area. Let me just say, Spike was easily the most attractive guy from season 4 (yummy alternative type) and I always had an inkling that he was gay. Also, I was thoroughly convinced that he and
Andrew D'Ambrosi were having casual gay sex on the side, but I'm pretty sure that was just me.

So I tried to take pictures of him on my camera phone without him noticing. Everyone else does it, it can't be that hard. But I am not sneaky at all and he noticed me immediately and looked right at me. I smiled. He smiled. The wedding date is set for August 9th, 2008. You are all invited.

I would love to post the pictures that I took but I have no idea how to transfer them from my phone to the computer. So you all will have to make do with these.

Figure 1: Cute

Figure 2: Inside Goodstuff


Aek said...

Holy crap! That's so cool!! I didn't much like Spike, nor did I think he was the most attractive (don't hurt me!). Of the guys, I was more partial towards Andrew. :P

Jimmy said...

I adored him too! I'll bring a blender as a gift. Also, how do I make my name highlight on Davey's site when I post a comment in order to direct people to my blog I new to this stuff.

Jimmy said...

Thank you ever so much.

Random Thinker said...

I did NOT know Spike was in DC. And I'm a huge Top Chef fan. Love Tom Collichio's many restaurants and have been to Harold Dieterle's place in NYC.

So, how was the food? Is it worth a metro ride?