Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Granted, I don't always present myself as a nice little teddy bear. But that is what I really am. I want to be cuddled with all night long. And during the day, I would be perfectly content with being perched between two fluffy pillows (or perhaps being bounced in freshly washed towels and sheets).

Everyday, I see a new guy that I want to belong to. I don't care if he drags me through the dirt while he is playing his games. I don't mind if his excessive horseplay causes my limbs to fall off. But everyday, it hurts more to think that I can't even remember yesterday's guy's face. All of these guys stumble unknowingly into my life for all of five minutes and then I end up never seeing them again. (Let's not even get into the fact that the love is not reciprocated.) It's depressing and it's tiring and what I really want is to find somebody that makes all of these faces irrelevant. And it would be even greater if this guy were really good at organic chemistry because I need a tutor. But regardless, I'm done with this transient infatuation. I'm going to get a purity ring and join the Jonas Brothers.

And while thinking about all this, I go to the gym and do chest and abs. And the way I describe it makes it sound like I am very serious about my workouts but that is not true. First of all, I use the machines instead of the free weights because all I can imagine is a giant 50kg weight falling on my head and killing me. And people judge me because of it. Second of all, when I use a machine after a real muscly man, I always have to bring the resistance way down and sometimes the shame is just too much. Sometimes, I want to stab my eyes out with a golden brooch. And I'm pretty sure people judge me because of that too.


David said...

if you wait, the right one will come along sooner or later. hang in there :)

Shane said...

Oh get a purity ring.. remember, Jordin Sparks will DEFEND YOUR HONOR!!!

Aek said...

Aww, I sucked at orgo too. It was EVIL.

I just started going to gym again, let's see how long it lasts without a workout buddy . . . It's okay, I've shed that shame long ago. I don't care if I bench only half the amount (if that) that the unnaturally buff guys do. I use the machines too. XD

Gemini said...

I judge you...to be awesome.

I know, it was cheesey, but true none the less.

j said...

david: i'm not getting any younger.

shane: jordin sparks can be my fag hag.

aek: at least we aren't in the aerobic or yoga classes. the guys there really have nothing to live for anymore.

gemini: sweet.