Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Excuse Me, I Have to Go Die Now

It unnerves me when bloggers recommend other blogs. Mostly because they aren't recommending mine. It unnerves me when bloggers don't add me to their blogroll. Because what on Earth could they be reading instead. It unnerves me when bloggers take me off their blogroll. Because there is no greater insult. And all of this bothers me because I am obsessed with acceptance (or is it attention) and I feel like being ignored is a sign that I am not living up to people's expectations. And although these are people that I have never met, people whose opinions shouldn't matter to me at all, their opinions do matter.

So as I read the blogs that are critically acclaimed, I try to pick up on the things that I should write about, the way I should write it, and who I should suck up to to get some exposure. And it seems perfectly ok for me to steal identities and fabricate this entire personality just to try to get ahead in the great institution that is the homosexual blogging community. But what good is that going to do. I'm just going to lose the last few shreds of integrity I still possess.

Anyway, I have learned that the success of a blog has nothing to do with content because _________ at ______________ writes entries that are insipid tributes to poor sentence construction. But people will like what they are told to like. Case in point: Drew Barrymore in
Never Been Kissed. She's stuck as Josie Grossie until one person spreads the word that she is something more. "All you need is for one person to think you're cool, and you're in."
Then poof, she is suddenly the beautiful prom queen who is making out with Michael Vartan. I'm not going to pretend I'm on a different boat here.

So fuck you David Arquette for giving me the pass over. I need it more than anyone. And I know I am being self-absorbed, childish teenager. But I have three months left before I become a self-absorbed, childish non-teenager. And I've got to get it out of my system.

*And don't go recommending me now because that will just make me look stupid. Unless that is what you are going for.


David said...

don't die!

for all it counts (if at all), you're on my "favorite blogs" list ^_^

hey, cheer up ok?

dickophile said...

i would just like to point out that i put you up as a link like last week. which i think means i like discovered you and shit.

fyi i hurt too: i totally know how you feel. i swear a while ago i was so freaking out about becoming bff with all my fave bloggers and i didn't understand what the fuck was wrong with them and why they weren't obsessing over my blog like i was theres. but then you know what happened? they noticed me! i had city solo and bobby and london preppy on my blog! they were reading my words! my fucking words! and grant you it was only one or two times. but still. its enough to keep me cumming for like the rest of my life. so hang in there.

Shane said...
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Shane said...

Chill Pill Please!

Random Thinker said...

hey, I added you a few weeks ago!

naturgesetz said...

What can I say? I know that if I ever create my own blog, nobody here will link it.

Joshua said...



And, I like your blog! :D

DL said...

you're too funny. :) Started reading your blog and looking forward to catching up on all the posts. Blogs like yours and London Preppy have been my saving grace this past week. so THANK YOU!

And don't you love how LP recommended your blog today? heh.

Kris said...

Ya know, you'll end up being disappointed if you focus on whether you get linked to or not. You'll have to give it some time and not expect to be a hit overnight. Your writing has substance and some of these "popular" blogs aren't that great just because a lot of people go to it. What's really your goal in blogging?