Wednesday, September 3, 2008


On Wednesday morning I receive the heartbreaking news that I did not receive the coveted position of bi-weekly opinion columnist for the school newspaper. This is especially heartbreaking because the school newspaper is pretty much garbage to begin with and the columnists currently on the paper have the writing capabilities of a blueberry scone. And this all adds insult to injury.

But even more heartbreaking is the gorgeous guy who lives in my hall. And he is at least 6'2" and he is at least the love of my life. There has been a girl clinging to him the past few days but I am convinced that she is his sister. If not, she is a slut with an annoying voice who deserves to be shoved into the utility closet while I make out with her boyfriend. Cause I can, Cause I can do it better. One of these days I'm going to have a man to man with the gorgeous guy and give him my opinion, "She's like, so whatever. You can do, so much better." And then I will make my move.

I downloaded this song about a month ago and it's been stuck in my head since. Though, if you don't like it you're not alone. One particular comment on Youtube states, "Rite she needs to go ahead and kill herself now."

And this video is good because:

1) 1 in every 5 gay boys wants to be in The Supremes.
2) The rotating rubik's cube fits in perfectly with the social commentary.
3) Solange looks and sounds exactly like Beyonce.

But that's just my opinion, which apparently doesn't matter.


David said...

sooo... the boy next door eh?

go get him tiger! :)

Shane said...

Solange needs to stop following in her sister's footsteps and try and be a little more innovative (imo).

Sucks about the newspaper thing, I personally think your wit (charm?) would be perfect for any newspaper!

Ask your boy-next-door to make out with you. Reason: For the school 'newspaper' you are required to sample every hot guy's saliva to see if he is fit to be @ campus.



sean said...

Have the man to man talk ASAP! !!!!

j said...

david: i am no tiger. mouse, in fact.

shane: if only things like that could work.

sean: it's on the top of my agenda, really.

The Blackout Blog said...

Cause I can, Cause I can do it better.
Original or remix? 'Cause I love Lil Mama.