Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Cannot Be Serious

The first few weeks of club tennis are always pure chaos. 140 kids on 8 tennis courts. 100 of them are really only there so that they can put "Club Tennis" on their resume. They don't actually play tennis and some of them are so bad that they don't know how bad they are. Some of them are so bad, I think they might be insane and I am worried that they will hit their owns heads with their racquets. But through the disarray, I quickly find a player who is better than me to be my partner, (that is the only way I win), and we proceed to play "king of the court." And this game is fun because you can become king if you win two consecutive points. And this game is also fun because once you become king, you only have to win one point to stay king. But this game is not fun because you play max. 3 points and then it's the next pair's turn.

So my partner and I are on a roll and we have beaten several other pairs already. Then, it happens. A ball is hit to his side and lands right on the baseline. He calls it out. I am pretty shocked that he does this but I really shouldn't be. Most of the people I've played with make bad calls for their benefit even when it is clear they know they are lying. I really don't like that though and I don't think I've ever consciously done it myself. The best player should win. Not the player who is best at being a shifty eyed conniver.

But maybe I shouldn't even talk. Although I didn't make the bad call, I didn't say anything about it because we needed the point. So I guess I'm just as bad.


David said...

oh don't be so harsh on the noobies! :P

but your partner on the other hand..

dickophile said...

just wanted to say i love your blog! very london preppy.

j said...

david: he deserves a nice long spanking.

dickophile: my blog and i say thanks. that is the. greatest. compliment. ever.

Shane said...


Your partner....sounds 'cool'.

dickophile said...

i do like to think i give good comment.