Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go to Town

Since our campus is so large, the residence halls are divided into three main communities. North ______, South ______, and North ____. And I enjoy this segregation very much because it makes me feel like I'm part of my own little nation during a Waring States period. And just to cement the cult-y feel of it all, every community gets their own t-shirt.

When I get to the front desk to claim my uniform, the guy there asks me if I want an XL or an XXL. Immediately, I look around for sand to throw in his eyes. But noticing the look of pure rage on my face, he quickly adds, "We ran out of all the other sizes two weeks ago." So that is what I get for procrastinating. I take the XL and cut the sleeves off and it works perfectly as my straight boy costume.

At some point during the same week, I go to Town, a place that calls themselves a "dance boutique." And with that little bit of knowledge, you pretty much don't need to take the place, or anybody in it, seriously. And I don't really want to talk about the experience except that I saw two people I know inside. And it was disconcerting since these are two people that I have flimsy connections with and I do not want them to know I am gay. Because the first person who finds out should be somebody important (Sister, the Pope, Mariah Carey). I don't want the random guy who sat in front of me in Orgo last semester to be the first to know. That is just no fun.


Aek said...

It's kind of like that here too. Too bad I'm stuck with the north campus people, so far away from everything. >.<

To my shame, I used to wear XL. Now they just look really really big on me. Did I lose that much weight, lol?

Best of luck with school. You haven't been online in a while. :(

David said...

straight boy costume!! NICE :P

still haven't told big sis yet? what's the hold up?

Random Thinker said...

I like the Pope add... I'd think you'd want to tell your future husband too!

Shane said...

Is it mandatory to wear those shirts? If XL was the only one left I would've just thrown it back at his face.

j said...

aek: yeah, the long walk to get dinner is starting to get to me.

david: life keeps getting in the way.

thinker: he'll figure it out eventually.

shane: diva.