Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Is Not A Joke

People tend to have a hard time separating my sarcastic comments from when I'm actually being sincere. (You know, that once in every year.) But let it be known that the following post is not sarcastic in any way, shape, or form.

On November 12 2008, I am officially accepting applications to be my boyfriend.

Please leave the following information for my consideration.

Date of Birth:
AIM (optional):
Future Aspirations:
Circumference of Bicep:
Favorite Member of the Spice Girls:
Naked Picture (optional):

You may submit your application to, or you can leave the preceding information in the form of a comment. (Please note that pictures cannot be submitted through comments and at least one picture is required in order for your application to be considered.)

To remain competitive, I strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible and supply as much information that is available to you. Furthermore, submissions at this time represent single-choice action applications. If you are found to have applied to another boy, your application will be terminated.

I wish you all the best of luck.


Shane said...

Haha - you're crazy.

Oldyeller said...

Since your post is not to be trifled with, I think it only fair to ask for some reciprocity on your part before we apply. While we don't expect a pic of your face, perhaps one of some part of your body, hmmm?

Toby said...

Yes, I think you should reply with the same information about yourself. I am particularly interested in the circumference of your bicep.

Anonymous said...

A: Omg, you have the same fetish as me.. biceps!!!!
A: And I'm like your biggest fan!!
X: You never told me you liked biceps.
A: Yeah, well.. now you do!!! <3

A: I'm so honoured you added us to your blogroll!!!
X: You're using an awful lot of exclamation marks.
A: I know, and I can't seem to stop!!!!!!!

dickophile said...

haha. i totally thought about doing this on my blog back in b.b. (before boyfriend) but luckily i never got to that point. wish i were eligible though. of course i would require a pic of you as well.

mike said...

Please, don't post any picture of yourself. Your writing enamors me. I've truly in love your posts, and you of course. But there is no need for pictures. We are already married, you'll soon move into my mansion, the nanny will raise the kids, you'll sip some exotic drink by the duck pond, and I'll continue to download my 40 out of a paper bag. A heavenly movie behind my eyes...

Anna said...

ahhaha you're so cute