Sunday, November 16, 2008

Read: Somebody Take Me To The Tina Turner Concert

4 days later and 0 applications later, I have extended the deadline to the end of eternity. What has this taught me?
1) Nobody wants to cuddle with me when my roommate has left the room.

2) Nobody wants to take me to Tina! Live In Concert Tour at the Verizon Center.

3) Nobody wants to surprise me with chicken parm from Maggiano's by buying it, sneaking into my dorm, and delivering it naked.

4) Everyone thinks I'm fat.

5) Nobody wants to hold my hand when it's cold outside.
And it feels so cold outside. At least for now.

On a high note, I do a ropes course today with my research group. Read: I do a ropes course with four hot guys today, (and 5 other people I don't care about). Let me just say, those harnesses make it so that I can see everything. Read: Those harnesses make it so that I spend the entire time drooling over their thick cocks and giant ball sacks. Maybe that was too graphic.

We also do this activity where we have to balance each other on a log. And the hand-holding and hugging and straddling make me think I could have a future with one of these guys. Or maybe two of them. At once. Maybe that was too graphic.


sean said...

not graphic enough.

JD said...

Thought I should let you know, I'm relatively new to DC Cised and have really enjoyed reading it. Sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble, lately. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Also, I'd apply... but I'm geographically undesirable, so consider it an application submitted and denied. That way you'll have at least one. What's one more rejection to make you feel better about yourself? I'm happy to take one for the team, haha.


dickophile said...

i like graphic! so am i to assume they were hard during this straddling? or would that make an ass of me? were there crotches rubbing against your i wont go there. thats too graphic.

Jeff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff said...

I would totally apply, but I don't think you're looking for 26-year-old NYC residents, right?

Aek said...

4. I don't think you're fat . . . (I'm sure you're far thinner than me.)

Toby said...

I am actually going to the Tina concert on Sunday.

Random Thinker said...

if you want a complete Tina experience, you definitely need to go to Vegas for the drag show with a Tina impersonator...

that's unforgettable.

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