Friday, November 7, 2008


Although I sincerely hoped that 100 million voters would write Hillary onto the ballot, that did not happen. Obviously. And Obama won. And I am more or less indifferent.

But everywhere around me, people were screaming and some were crying and they were all annoying. "Finally! Eight years of HELL are OVER!" First of all, most of these people don't know the first thing about Bush's policies. They pretend like their lives have been miserable under the "Bush regime" but really, they have not been impacted by his actions in any way whatsoever. Keep in mind, these are the same people that believe Facebook's layout change was the biggest catastrophe of 2008. Yes, he was a bad president. But let's not pretend that you are some kind of martyr.

And everywhere around me, people were screaming and some were crying and they were all annoying. "OBAMA!!!!!" they shouted, as the mob tore through campus, overturning trashcans and uprooting signs. And while some especially fervent Obama supporters tried to tip the shuttle bus I was on, I wondered if they thought this was some form of civil disobedience as opposed to a march of philistines. One freshman felt compelled to say to me, "I am so happy right now, It's like New Years!" Is he happy because he completely supports Obama's new economic plan or because his favorite celebrity has just became President. I can't help but feel like a lot of voters supported Obama because they like him, they admire him, they adore him. He makes us all blush. But what can we say about his political acumen. Uhm, IDK?

Other things I noticed that night:

McCain's sudden non-hating of Obama
Michelle Obama's dress, which looked like she slaughtered a chicken on her lap.
The other black woman on stage. "Is that his mom?" "No, his mom is dead. And white."

And this is where the floodgates open and people slaughter me on their laps.


x! said...


I really really do fall in love with you sometimes.

Doug said...

No slaughtering anytime soon. You are completely correct. There are sooo many people who support Obama for no real political reason and they do it soooo fervently that I don't understand why.

Well written! Thank you for that!

sean said...

you make an excellent point. the majority of the students up here who were shouting, crying, doing the exact same thing know almost nothing about obama and his policies. and their hate for bush is more of a trend than actually hating him because they were affected during his presidency.

i love you

David said...

I was gonna vote for Hilary. But then Obama won the democratic candidacy. And imo, he and Biden are a better choice than McCant/Failin. And apparently most of American thought so too. This is gonna be an interesting term.

Plus he opposed Prop 8 which is a big deal for us.

naturgesetz said...

You make good points.

Let's raise the voting age at least back to 21.

Random Thinker said...

You keep getting funnier and funnier...

i too was on the hillary band wagon for so long, that it was almost depressing when i had to get off.

yet, i felt amazed at the impact our new president had on the nation and the world. sure, a lot of people have no clue about his politics or about bush's for that matter.

but at least they're not unconscious.

Anonymous said...

Hillary sucked. The Clintons thought they were ENTITLED to the nomination. They are still licking their wounds. You won't hear from them again, HOPEFULLY.