Thursday, January 15, 2009


Temperatures in the DC area are dipping into the single digits and that has put me in the cuddling mood. Unfortunately, there are no live bodies to cuddle with. I have resorted to rolling my blankets into the shape of Channing Tatum and going to sleep with him. It suffices.

Inauguration is this Tuesday and I am twitching at the prospect of seeing Hillary in person. I feel, as a DC resident, a certain obligation to go and witness this historic event that is taking place right in my figurative backyard. However, several million people, whose literal backyards DC is not, are coming in from God knows where. (Obama's step-grandmother is visiting from Kenya. I wonder how often they actually speak and if he calls her granny.)

Downtown streets have restricted access. Bridges from Virginia are closed inbound. No bicycles allowed on the parade route. Smithsonian, National Archives, Judiciary Square, 7th St. Convention Center metro stations are closed. I heard a rumour that Beyonce has to walk on foot. I heard a rumour Oprah's secret lover tells all (but that's unrelated). It will be mayhem. It can not be missed.

Speaking of things that can not be missed, Britney Spears is coming to the Verizon Center in March. I want a ring seat so bad even though they are $3,000. Most likely I'll end up in the upper concourse; the section so high that moisture condenses into clouds that support a vast rainforest teeming with 50% of the world's bird species. But even those seats are $100 plus. But if Britney isn't worth it, I really don't know what is.


Aek said...

Yeah . . . Inauguration Day . . . I hope it won't be so fucking cold. It seems all of the Midwest and East coast are frozen over in the 9th circle of Hell.

dickophile said...

i used to cuddle with my pillow. he was my everyman. tom welling, channing tatum, brad pitt, cristiano ronaldo, mitchy hewey.....

David said...

awww *cyber cuddle*... cuddling doesn't count as cheating right?? of course not. channing tatum is hawt.

this entry, like most of your others, is why i love your blog (and you, as a matter of fact)

hugs n kissies!

Random Thinker said...

geez, it IS frickin cold. my weatherbug says 7 degrees. and that's FAARENHEIT!!!

And on Tuesday, it might make it to 30 or 32?

So, to walk the 10 blocks to stand on the Mall, 12 blocks away from the capitol, watch a jumbo screen, freeze my ass off, all with limited access to porta-pottys... ummm, I think I'll change my mind.

I am going to stay home, and watch it all on TV.

The Blackout Blog said...

Yeah, I'm coming to DC b/c my boy situation is all about "being a part of history" and shit. I'm with Random Thinker, but I'll probably get excited when I get down there.

And thanks for the tip on the closed subway stops. Looks like I'll have to find an alternative route to the DC Eagle. I mean... the convention center.


J said...

its 14 degrees here in georgia, and i feel like im the only person who i know who isn't on there way to DC today or sometime this weekend.

Doug said...

Look, I'm commenting! ;)

It's really cool that you can be part of the Inauguration, if you choose to brave the crowds and risk being trampled on.

I think I'll just be happy watching it from the comfort of my own home in sunny California. ;)