Monday, July 28, 2008

I'll Do Anything, Coach

So I have tennis practice this morning, just like every other Monday morning. But this practice is different because coach decides it is high time for me to change my grip for my serve. However, the new grip that I adopt wrecks my game. Balls are flying left and right, nothing is going in, I whack my own knee with my racquet, it is all very embarrassing. After about ten minutes of mayhem, coach walks up from behind me, puts his hand around mine, and shows me how it's done/has his way with me. And I don't mind being violated by him because I love him. And this is why:
1) He always teases me when I mess up. Which makes me absolutely furious but also turns me on like you wouldn't believe.

2) He is about 6'3" with less than 5% body fat.

3) He smells so good all the time. I really don't know how that works.

4) He is so straight.
Sigh... he is so hot, I don't even know what to do. I just want to ravage him against the back fence, but that would probably ruin the dynamic between us.

And this is Fernando Verdasco. I should be admiring his forehand, which is considered the best in the world. I am admiring other assets though.

He is so cute!


David said...

oh my. 6' 3" and less than "5% percent" body fat? percent percent :P

5%'s like extremely low (duh david)

some guys just smell good whether they're sweaty or not :)

he's straight? but what if it's a front? obviously he doesn't mind coming up behind ya and "having his way" with you to help you with your *grip* right? so.... hmmm

Shane said...

That's hot. Coaches are hot, as long as they aren't too old, and in tip top shape, yum.

Why don't you ask to shower together? Because, well, er.. you can't possibly reach your back with all the strenuous exercises and the new serves are tacking a toll.

Good luck ! :)~

Zee said...

Lol, sounds cool.

Would be it blasphemy if I said that based on those pictures I don't think Fernando Verdasco is that cute? I have never heard of him before though so I am basing it solely on those pictures.

j said...

david: thanks, i speak english good someday.

shane: i suppose that's another fantasy to be added to my collection.

zee: watch the video! ahhhhh such a cute accent...

Zee said...

Yeah, I watched the video. I don't think he is that cute.