Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pride Parades are Dangerous

I stumbled upon a youtube video of a queeny middle-aged gay guy getting harassed by a bunch of black kids in Minneapolis. They follow him down the street taunting him with glittering gems like, "Gay is not the way!" At the very end, he emerges from the throng, thinking of himself as a hero, and walks triumphantly down the street declaring, "See how I'm not scared at all!"

There are a lot of comments. Because when it comes to gay people, you either hate them or you love them. I've culled the best ones. My comments in red.

I hate those mother fucking niggers but i also hate those mother fucking gay ass bitches that like to fuck each other in the asshole. but niggers are worse beacuse they have big ass nostrils and are smelly as hell and they got some big gums. they all need to go back to africaland and play with the tigers and lions. i hate black and gay people. i hope i never see a gay black guy. (There are no tigers in Africa.)

you know what is just filthy? how that faggot is walking around like a girl and his effeminate behavior. what a bitch. gays have a hidden agenda. (To quietly redecorate America.) don't trust these motherfuckers. even OBAMA doesn't care about the faggots. (Yeah... I guess he doesn't.)

I would love to squish all those kid's heads like little grapes. (wow...)

you are not scared because they are kids... (This one is my favorite.)

are those ethiopians? they look weird as hell (Sources indicate that they are, in fact, Somalian.)

most gays die of some type of infection, they only thing that creates homosexuality is child molesters its all psychological, how many gay monkeys do you see? (Carson Kressley and Michael Urie are two gay monkeys off the top of my head.)

What this poor fellow should have done was throw waffles, fried chicken, watermelons, Kool Aid, and Barry White CD's at the mob along with coupons for dinner at popeyes (Don't forget Spongebob Square Pants backpacks and Michael Jackson...since last Tuesday.)

I'm not going to link it because this video is too ridiculous. And I'm not taking sides.


Anonymous said...

when I read those posts, I feel like people write them to just the first one. What was up with that? Its' about gays, where do Africans come into this?

Give Obama time...he can't possibly do everything, and he has already done a lot in the few short months he has been in office...trying not to be political even though I just did, but that comment stood out...

dickophile said...

you forgot jack from will and grace. he was a gay howler monkey.

Anonymous said...

that is just so stupid, if you're already throwing fried chicken what makes you think they are going to use a coupon for popeye's?

although the one commenter had a good point about Obama - what a bait and switch - at least the DNC is learning the error of their ways in their recent fundraising debacles

Aek said...

It's sad that people make such comments. I mean, what's to be gained from spouting such crap? If you've nothing nice to say, shut up. :D

Mike said...

"I <3 YouTube Comments". One really gets to know what the world is thinking....

What's the alternative? Corporate-run TV?

LJ said...

I love the way air out all the dirty laundry on youtube. some of the comments I've seen. Wow.

People just need to stop making an issue. Honestly