Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do I Look Frat To You?

After completely bombing my organic chemistry exam, the only things that give me solace are:
The fact that I'm done with exams this semester.
The fact that I'm done with orgo forever.
The sound of Kristin Chenoweth singing Birdhouse In Your Soul. Girlfriend's got it going on.

And on Raven Simone's Disney Channel character's little brother's spinoff show, there is this band called, get this, "DC3." This name sounds suspiciously similar to DC Cised. How dare the Disney Channel do this to me? No, I will not go gently into the night. They will be hearing from me, and the former members of Destiny's Child, very soon.

Figure 1: The newest fratboy from SeanCody

So a couple of people have told me about some frats that they think I should pledge next semester. And I have to admit that I get excited about the idea of living in a house with tons of hot white guys who walk around naked all day. But this might be another one of those fantasies that seems great in my head but would actually never work out in real life. What are the odds that the sweatpant-wearing, football-loving, diamond-earringed, slang-talking, dick-swinging, skirt chasing, frat boys would get along with a guy like me, a lover of all things Kristin Chenoweth.

But I have to admit, sexual motivations aside, it would be great to be part of a brotherhood. The bonds frat brothers form with each other are supposed to be the strongest bonds guys ever form. I really am looking for that kind of friendship. But once again, I want to be realistic. And I do not want to be lynched.


Mike said...

I never belonged to a frat, and freshman year I lived in a dorm, but the following three years I lived with four great friends (all males), who I met while living in the dorm. We did everything together in college. I was the only closeted and had crushes on two of them. Now a couple of year later, I'm out, and most of them are married, we still get together three times a year, once with significant others and kids, and twice just the guys. We rent a cabin with a ping pong and pool table, and hot tub, and drink beers, laugh, watch movies, football and porn. It's great!! And nothing sexual ever happens, nor at this stage would I want it.

Have a great break from school and holiday season.

The Blackout Blog said...

What are the odds that the sweatpant-wearing, football-loving, diamond-earringed, slang-talking, dick-swinging, skirt chasing, frat boys would be interesting once they opened their mouths?

Is it bad that I thought it may be pronounced like "DC-sized"? I was like, "Aw, mini!"

Aek said...

I never much liked a lot of frat guys. Their intelligence always seemed lower than it should. But maybe each guy is intelligent when singled out, and they only become dumb in large groups. Hmm, that makes sense.

I'm mildly envious that you're done with finals already, as I have one more to go tomorrow. But, THANK GOD orgo is done for you. Enjoy your break!! :D

dickophile said...

my thoughts on frats have always been that they're like prison. when the guys are really horny and too lazy to go and find a chick to fuck they may not be opposed to closing their eyes and letting a guy blow them. cause lets face it, it wasnt a gay that came up with the phrase "a hole is a hole" it was some sexually frustrated breeder who succumbed to the charms of his gay roommate. you could be that roommate!

Oldyeller said...

I was in a frat (many years ago) (we were the only studious one) and it was great for me cause I was introverted and the frat yanked me out of shell since you suddenly have 40 brothers and lots of activities. You're bound to find one or two that would be a fit for you, but it does take some work to get an invite.