Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

At a recent party that I attended because somebody tipped me off that there was an 18 year-old boy there that looked like Taye Diggs, I overheard a conversation between LeeLee Sobieski and a foreign exchange student from Austria.

Austria: I do not think gay people should have children.
LeeLee: What? Why not?
Austria: Parents should be man and woman. It is not natural.

He failed to notice that the real deviation from nature in the room was his hair, obviously, a European import.

Anyway, this is where I chime in and try to be cute and say, "I thought most Europeans were supposed to be more liberal than Americans. [giggle]."

Austria: No you guys are much more liberal than we are.

I found this to be shocking. I thought Americans were the champions of bigotry and discrimination. And we kind of like to breed the idea here that all of Europe is pretty much like Berlin or Paris, (run by gay people), and that Eastern Europe is a nether-land that exists only to produce great gymnasts.

But that must be an incorrect generalization. Kind of like the time I wrongly convinced myself that all black people were like my black roommate: selfish, messy, and like to cut all their friends' hair in the common room every Thursday afternoon. (But then I met Taye Diggs. Who was cuter than a little black button. [giggle].)

Europe was supposed to be the homosexual promised land that I could always run away to if I ever became dissatisfied with the unalienable freedoms being taken away from me at home. And Europeans were supposed to be fun, skinny people that were either gay or wished they were gay. But the fat, ugly Austrian proved all this wrong.

For every LeeLee that generously takes the gay agenda into her own hands, there is an Austrian steadfastly climbing the Alps to spread the word that all gay boys should be childless lest we teach the next generation to be as gay as we are. I had hoped that the only people who truly hated gays were 40+ and when they died we would be free at last. But sadly, gay haters are being born every day, everywhere. And if they are so unwilling to change their minds, I wonder how long it will take for the world to just accept us and let us have babies.

At the very least, we'll always have Paris.


Anonymous said...

Most Europeans and most young people are open to gays. And most of them are by comparison thinner than Americans.

That guy's a fat exception.

Aek said...

I'm going to second what Formysake said, I think you just found the exception. Alas, the exception means that such people do exist.

Oldyeller said...

We didn't always have Paris. We lost it until Ilsa came to Casablanca; we got it back last night.

Mike said...

Cunt!! Not you, of course, I just wanted to say it though. Ahhh... now I feel better. Have a great Penguins of Madagascar Day!

tall blonde alcoholic said...


dccised said...

Correction, Taye Diggs was 17 years old.

Poindexter said...

I will just add, as someone who is approaching that 40+ number, that I felt the same way 20 years ago about people 40+. However, bigotry and homophobia are timeless. The numbers may shrink, but there will always be people who feel that way about gays, and we will inevitable run in to them.