Friday, February 27, 2009


Every time I think about something for the first time, I start seeing it everywhere soon afterwards. Remember my last entry? Right after I wrote it, I saw a guy in my econ class leave a half eaten doughnut on his chair when class was over. I almost ripped off his face. The same day, a girl stood in the middle of the aisle to have a conversation with her friend when everyone was trying to leave the lecture hall. I almost chopped off her head. And that night, when I was in the dining hall with my friend, she made me wait an eternity for her while she searched the entire premises for a single cap for her drink. I almost unfriended her on Facebook.

This can also apply to other situations. Like for instance, whenever I learn a new word, I feel like it suddenly shows up in everything that I read. Salacious (ok, I implanted this one). And this one time, I was stalking a 14 year old boy and he mentioned something about Golden Corral, a place I'd never heard of before. The next day, I couldn't turn on the TV without hearing something about Golden Corral. In case you are wondering, it's a low-end restaurant and not a low-end cowboy fetish store.

I'm sure there is a psychological explanation for all of this. Perhaps we don't notice things until we think about them, and then they are everywhere. Perhaps I look for positive reinforcement for my theory and I ignore all the evidence that contradicts it. But I doubt I will ever know if this is all coincidence, divine intervention, or just a mean trick my brain is playing on me.

I have to say though, this phenomenon does not always work. Because I have been thinking about having a boyfriend for the past 5 years. And he has yet to materialize.


Tee said...

Oh my god, I know exactly what you mean. It's bizarre, right?

The other day for example, I learned about the English word 'duvet'. And guess what? I've heard it at least 8 times last week (yes, I've counted them). And I do not even live in a country where English is spoken. o.O

Am loving your blog.

Take care,

(you may remember me as Aaron, Carter, Jay, Mike, Nathaniel, Paul, Xavier and Zack) ;)

J said...

yea that whole phenomenon has plagued my life. i remember when i learned the word bacchanalian and it seemed every other word i spoke it came out of my mouth.

same way with meeting new people. you never notive them until you do. and then they're always there.

and i love golden corral, they have great bread, but i've never put a the in front of it. just sounds weird

dickophile said...

i know exactly what youre talking about. i always feel like right after i learn something new i see it somewhere. but i figure its a good thing cause that way i dont ever feel embarrassed i dont know something.

dickophile said...

p.s. why were you stalking a 14 yr old boy?

David said...

hate it when people do shit like that. why can't people be more considerate?