Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes I Scare Myself

I was on a friend's friend's friend's friend's brother's hookup's friend's Facebook page this morning staring at his pictures.

So naturally, I'm going to put all of them on here.

If this is you, please don't sue me.

Also, if this is you, please follow me on twitter.

Also, if this is you, call me.

I want to sink my teeth into his arm.

My favorite parts of this picture are earrings, teeth, nipple, and cleavage, (in that order).

And he is a wrestler.

God, seriously?

So like, in a massive stroke of luck, this shows a subtle hint that he might be gay. Though as somebody who has never even met him, this is mostly irrelevant.

And this proves it beyond any doubt. Still irrelevant.

So looking at this person is fun, but it is also bittersweet. On the surface he seems to be the perfect guy (and everyone knows the surface is all that matters). It feels personal because he represents everything that I couldn't be or become: white, beautiful, capable of pulling off a v-neck, medical.

I imagine somebody is going to say something about how a lot of [beautiful] people say that their looks are actually a handicap and they find it difficult to be taken seriously or seen as anything but an object. This is bullshit.

I'm sure somebody else is going to say something about life being what you make of it. This is annoying too. Save it.


Aek said...

So whatever happened to your bf and/or happened between the two of you?

JP said...

Damn, he has a nice smile. ditto with the teeth.

Tommy said...

Oh you, this is a sad, desperate, stalker kind of way.

Good taste though.

Anonymous said...

I hate that you hate being Asian although I loathe people who can pull off v-necks.

Anonymous said...

LOL that guy is a friend of a friend. Don't know him either though so I can't judge! (Not that I would anyway.)

Anonymous said...

uhhh.. he's pretty much perfect.

nick said...

That is not a straight man's ass.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, he's gay, proud, and pretty great. (And also freaking hot. Obviously.)

sunraysian said...

haha i went partying with him not that long ago. he's like 5'7'' or 5'8'', which is too short for me. but he's hilariously outgoing though. come to central, you'll prob meet him?

dccised said...

I am disappointed he didn't see this.

Anonymous said...

yeah, what's up with you hating the fact that you're asian? you can help a lot of things, like your personality, haircut, etc. but you can't help what race you are. learn to embrace it. for reals. but hey, that's just my opinion.

Gay Money Man said...

::-) what a g* post. I am in hysterics. Hope you get your man!

Dan said...

I can completely relate about being envious of people who are white/beautiful/capable of pulling off a v-neck. Great post with a great title.